Email Marketing

Speak to all your customers

and reach the individual.

Our E-marketing and Email marketing strategies cater for everything from small-scale promotions to large-scale enterprise campaigns.

Marketing techniques have come a long way since the early days and here we have one of the most effective modern methods. To put it simply E-marketing, or electronic marketing, refers to the application of marketing techniques via electronic media and more specifically the internet. The phrases E-marketing, internet marketing and online marketing, are constantly interchanged, and can often be considered synonymous.

This method is the process of marketing a brand by using the internet. It includes both direct response marketing and indirect marketing components, and makes use of a range of technologies to help connect businesses with their customers.

Faaz’s E-marketing solutions are structured to achieve the following:

list-icon  To reach your target audience on a cost efficient manner.
list-icon  Develop intricate recipient lists of your target market – based on demographic data
list-icon  Directly connect to your company’s database of names and email addresses
list-icon  Create enticing HTML email messages
list-icon  Track how many customers open your emails opens and clicks to your site
list-icon  Produce informative reports on the progress of your campaign

Because Emarketing campaigns are ineffective without distribution and saturation results, Faaz Tech provides tracking functionality that monitors and measures the performance of your campaigns.

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Digital Promotion

Of the numerous digital ways to advertise about your business, email marketing is one of the first methods. We design your website such that whenever a liable client checks in on your business over the internet, they receive an email regarding your line of work. Through this email, they can learn more regarding your business and the services and products you have to offer.

Apart from creating new customers, existing customers are notified regularly regarding new reforms and offers as they tend to occur in your business. Through these emails, the privileged customers can be kept up to date with the latest market reforms and conduct their business with you duly.

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