Management System

Attendance management systems

Gone are the days when you had to punch in your card in that age-old clock to get your attendance marked. With our high-tech attendance management systems, Evast-Technologies offers the best reforms in managing your employees’ attendance which are transparent so that there can be no objection of mis-use.

Point of Sale

Evast-Technologies offers you the latest innovations in managing your point of sales with the best POS systems available in the market to make your sales more efficient and error free with automated data entry systems enabling you to keep track of your sales.

Human resource account software

Managing employees, their paychecks, their accounts, their medicals and all related responsibilities can prove to be a challenging task. With the help of Evast-Technologies’ up-to-date human resource account softwares, developed by leading experts in the field, all these tasks are rendered tranquil. We manage all these related feats from employee hiring to their respective termination or resignations.

Inventory software

Cannot keep track of productions? Warehouse unkempt and in dis-array? Evast-technologies has the solution. We offer the best practices in inventory management system, learned from the pioneers, to help you keep track of your inventory and manage your products accordingly. Items stored in the were-house, items shipped, items in demand, you name it and we manage it with our advanced techniques to help create an unforgettable experience.

Task management system

Day-to-day tasks of various employees in the firm can take the form of a massive system which has to be properly managed in order to make efficient use of workforce as well as the assets involved. Evast-Technologies offers to manage this system of daily tasks of employees and keep track of the efficiency level of your organization so that you can assess these tasks and work to improve the shortcomings to increase production and sales.

Data base management system

Every organization has an integral backbone on which all the different operational areas are kept in-check and daily progress is reported. Evast-Technologies offers to manage this integral data base system with through which record-keeping and auditing is easily possible to make improvements in the organization which are mandatory.


School management system

From the intake of new students, to their graduation, Evast-Technologies offers top-notch school management systems to maintain record of all participants and relay their progress on an exemplified platform. This includes fee statuses, progress reports, positions, achievements, event calendars and various other forms of integrated systems to help create an effective and efficient atmosphere at your institute.

Vehicle management system

Offering pick and drop services at your school or organization can prove to be challenging; especially when the individuals have to be picked and dropped at varying places. Evast-Technologies can act as your outsource for managing these tiring tasks of setting routes for your vehicles in the most resourceful manner possible.

Hotel management systems

Evast-Technologies delivers the unsurpassed management systems for hotels all over to convey the best customer response. This includes keeping check of inventory, repairs and renovations amongst various other tasks involved in the management of hotels.

Hospital management systems

Millions of patients visit the hospital every day to cure their ailing; from common coughs and colds to serious surgeries. Evast-Technologies caters to the need of managing all these patients in an integrated data base which renders it much easier for the staff to view, review and manage the patients accordingly with user friendly hospital management systems.