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Evast’s Website Design Solutions are always “Powerful, Fresh and Unique”.

At Evast Technologies we are enthusiastic about web design and it shows in our portfolio. As a professional Pakistan web design company we don’t believe in formulas however, we do believe in discipline. As creative thinkers, we make sure that our designs are unique, innovative, fresh and fully functional.

We Build Website Designs that create opportunities:
Website design is an opportunity to shape the way people will see your brand and business. At Evast Technologies we use innovative and creative ideas to craft web design which create all possible opportunity for your brand and business. We will simply convert your business prospective into astonishing and functional website which will grow your online presence across the web.

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Different strokes for different folks:
We’re problem solvers and seekers. Our web design team is made up of computer scientists, marketing professionals, graphic designers and dynamic web developers. Working with a variety of clients, our showcase illustrates our versatility within the field of website design and development. Whether you need a CMS design, branding design or fully customized web design we are here to provide you all possible best solutions to improve your online-impression. We listen to our client’s requirement and analyst their targeted audience to meet all design scenarios to provide all in one solution which become our client’s business brand identity. We also focus on the infra-structure of the website ensuring that all the webpages are easy to navigate within few clicks and the key information relevant to that web page is clearly visible/prominent. Want to discuss your design requirements? Contact us today to make your business visible online tomorrow.

In the past few decades, there has been a tremendous boom in the development of technology. The whole world, once inaccessible to most, has now shrunk to become one huge Global village. This has opened up a huge variety of opportunities for new and existing businesses. The crucial endeavor for expanding your business in today’s world is to ‘make yourself heard.’ In order to do so, there is no better way than to jump in the pool of the global village that is through the internet. For this purpose, you have to create a website that is suited to your purpose and well defines the customer needs.
The critical objective of today’s business world is to achieve the highest amount of customer satisfaction possible. Similarly, when creating a website, which is exactly what the definitive goal should be; to attain the ultimate customer satisfaction. This is exactly what we strive to achieve at Evast Technologies (Pvt) Limited as a professional web design company Pakistan.
The first step in accomplishing this goal is to set the vitals which your business has to offer. We then convert these business oriented tasks to give the structure of the website to a customer-oriented interface. Two main components in creating a customer-oriented websites are the User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX).
There are many websites which have a huge quantity of bounce rates despite their business sites containing all the information the customer needs regarding their requirements. The increase in the bounce rates is mainly due to the lack of the website’s ease of access with regards to the customer. Rather the interface is too difficult to navigate and reach the pages required by the customer, or sometimes the interface is too unattractive to motivate the customer to delve further in the website.